Citadel Arcanes, Krystal Bytes' first game released on PC, MAC and iPad !

As the Duke’s daughter, you are learning the Arcanes of Magic to become the greatest Citadel Architect in the Kingdom! Unfortunately, your father contracts a mysterious illness, and now your only hope is to restore the long-lost Healers Circle... Can you meet the challenge of the 50 Match3 levels, and gather enough resources to build the most fantastic Citadel?


Dive into Citadel Arcanes’ original and captivating universe:

-         Play an addictive and innovative Match3 game

  • Surround and capture buildings to get blueprints
  • Seize chests and uncover their hidden treasure
  • Use tons of bonus and special powers

-         Explore a groundbreaking Citadel building system

  • Mix, connect and even stack buildings any way you like to create YOUR unique Citadel!
  • Build 5 special buildings to unlock magical powers
  • CitadelArcanes000
  • CitadelArcanes001
  • CitadelArcanes002
  • CitadelArcanes003
  • CitadelArcanes004
  • CitadelArcanes005
  • CitadelArcanes006
  • CitadelArcanes007