Download the course slides (english)

Thanks to Alice Herniaux, head of a new game design curriculum at the IUT Bobigny - Université PARIS XIII, I joined the faculty in 2009 and taught this introductory course on Game Production.

I had several objectives with this course:

  • Help students understand the game industry and how to fit in the organization of a game studio
  • Teach them how to be efficient and produce quality deliverables with a practical hands-on approach
  • Have them practice their English which is so important in our industry (the course is taught in English and the deliverables must be produced in English too)

I included a lot of role play and other interactive sessions to keep students interested. The course remains quite simple indeed, in fact it does not aim at teaching the game producer job, but rather explain the expectations a game producer will have from a Game Designer work.

I would be happy to hear from you on this course, as I will try to improve the course every now and then.
Also if you’d like me to teach this course in your curriculum, please feel free to contact me (see contact below)!