My entry to the Mangedisque compo of october 2007.

For this song I asked myself the question of what concepts could be more in opposition, and that I could somehow translate into sound.

I won't spill the beans, but I can tell you I built the tune around 2 natural elements... can you find which ones? ;-)

My entry to the Mangedisque compo of june 2009.

I had the idea of using a 5-tap based rythm at the core of the song. I was not sure how I could make it explicit enough so that the audience would understand the structure. So I chose to attach this to the classical old phone 5-tap sound and reuse it all over.

Not sure why it ended up feeling so nervous/angry, but it seemed to me the song had to be spiced up somewhere...

My entry to the Mangedisque compo of april 2008.

Old demomaking influences with a contemporary flavor, a nice mix of electro and harmonic parts.

Probably my best song so far... please keep your arms inside and enjoy the ride!

This song was my entry for the MangeDisque compo of july 2010.

I was inspired by my boy, and - extreme rare event - he hugged me when he listened to this tune. So I guess that's the sign of a good job? :-)