This exercise gives a hands-on experience of good and bad things that can happen on a project. Students are required to build the tallest, best free standing structure with 2 sheets of paper and no tool except for their own body.

This is quite a classical exercise, except that I usually ask the students to iterate 4 times! Strangely enough it's much less fun the 4th time. Also it is quite a challenge to build a sturdy tower in the time alotted: making sure it does not  collapse at the very last second while taking some risks to make it tall.  Well guess what... game projects go exactly the same way!

Hera are a few pictures taken during these courses, a very interesting exercise indeed...

  • _MG_8015
  • _MG_8026
  • _MG_8030
  • _MG_8076
  • _MG_8083
  • _MG_8102
  • _MG_8104
  • _MG_8115
  • _MG_8119
  • _MG_8122
  • _MG_8125
  • _MG_8129
  • _MG_8131

Here are also a few other game prototyping exercises pictures

  • IMG_0416
  • IMG_0428
  • IMG_0431
  • IMG_0438